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Since 2004, our production laboratory has been producing highest quality mycelium of various edible cultivated mushrooms.

Our mission is to provide reliable and complete information about mushroom growing to everyone who decided to be involved in this activity.


Our site has been created for you! You will find information:

– on the cultivation of fungi on logs and other plant substrate,

– about the peculiarities of the industrial cultivation of oyster mushrooms and portobello mushrooms (champignons),

– about the strains produced by our company,

– about the use of chemical agents in mushroom growing and much more.


All articles on our site are written by our experts – skilled technologists, whom you can address in case you need any help or advice.

Also, we are going to inform you about training courses and workshops for mushroom growers held by our company.


If you want to buy our products:

– grain mycelium (grain spawn) of oyster mushrooms, portobello and exotic mushrooms

– mycelium of more than 20 species of mushrooms on wooden plugs

– products for mushroom growers

– equipment and instruments for growing mushrooms

– chemical agents for mushroom growers


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