Single-zone system

Single-zone system

With this system, a number of uniform chambers are created (6-8 chambers overall), each with its own microclimatic unit and automation. In existing rooms, the layouts of chambers are designed based on the dimensions of each individual room, location of framings (columns), adjacency to other objects and other features. Freshly prepared inoculated substrate blocks are placed into the chamber and undergo incubation, after which the microclimate system switches to fruiting mode automatically, but under the supervision of the qualified technologist.

After the blocks release the first flush, the system automatically switches back to incubation mode again (to restore the mycelium), and then, when the climate parameters change, growth and fruiting of the second flush is stimulated. It should be noted that only two first flushes of mushrooms are economically viable.

After the end of fruiting, the blocks are removed from the chamber and the room is disinfected. Then the production cycle repeats.

Such growing system allows:

  • to avoid damaging of substrate blocks during transfers,
  • easy sanitization and equipment repair after the removal of blocks from the chamber,
  • maintenance of the stable optimal climate for different stages of substrate block development.

To create an optimal microclimate in a growth chamber, a climatic unit is required. It performs mixing, cooling, heating, humidifying and moving the conditioned air through the ventilation system.

The technological cycle of the enterprise determines the optimal parameters of the microclimate, and the use of an automatic control system allows:

  • keeping parameters in a strictly specified range, gradually changing them over time following constantly changing needs,
  • receiving regular information updates about errors or equipment malfunctions, which makes the production energy-efficient and excludes the human factor.

As for the estimated financial expenditures, such system, assembled and installed by the ventilation equipment manufacturer, will cost approximately 600,000 rubles multiplied by the number of chambers used. As an option, it is possible to assemble the units of the system using your enterprise’s own recourses, according to the scheme provided by us, which can save up to 30% of the total cost (the cost depends on the manufacturer’s prices and the methods of equipment delivery to your region). Participation of our specialists in the installation process of the system (supervision) is also possible.

  1. Single chamber

Suitable only for small businesses with insufficient or limited space.

Incubation and fruiting of the blocks takes place in the same room. The blocks undergoing incubation are separated from the main room using screens often made of plastic film. In each partition the optimal humidity and temperature levels are created for the development of the current batch. In the rest part of the room, a microclimate necessary for fruit bodies is created.