Preventive treatments

In the production of mushrooms it is extremely important to pay attention to preventive treatments.

Let’s look at how and using what you can treat the oyster mushroom growing room.

The whole complex of premises where the substrate is packaged in packages (inoculation area), needs to be treated after each inoculation procedure!

If you have several rooms in the inoculation area (shower room, locker room, and other utility rooms) they need to be processed the same way as the main room where spawning occurs. Two to three hours before inoculation, it is necessary to carry out the treatment with one of the disinfectants listed below, or using 5% hydrogen peroxide.

After inoculation, all rooms must be immediately cleaned of any substrate remnants, mycelium packages and thoroughly treat all equipment, walls and floor with a mild solution of any disinfectant available.

It is also required to treat all inventory and equipment in all premises of mushroom production line with disinfectants.

Futar Company sells the following products of this group:

Adaptatcide (Superdez) Aremks, Biopag-D, Virocid (Aldekol) Gembar, Biokontakt.

A feature of these drugs is that they do not cause resistance and are active against a large number of microorganisms: bacteria, viruses and molds.

A great advantage is that they also have a sporicidal effect, but at the same time they are nontoxic for humans and belong to the III class of low-hazardous substances according to state standards.

These preparations can be used:

– for filling disinfectant pans ,

– washing and disinfection of workers’ overalls in the substrate department and cultivation chambers,

– for aerosol treatment of working premises, including incubators in the presence of a substrate,

– Tare treatment.

It is also actual that:

Virocid can be used for preventive disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning systems, ventilation filters and air ducts.

– Adaptatcide (Superdez) does not contain toxic substances and after treatment it breaks down into components – acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide applied on microorganisms decomposes into water and oxygen.

Biopag-D is a very powerful antifungal agent. It protects any surfaces from mold without destroying them, and for a long time retains its disinfecting properties – from 7 days to several months. In addition, this agent does not decompose if exposed to light.

Gembar is suitable for daily application and due to its long lasting effect protects surfaces of all equipment, even in the most hard-to-reach places. Recommended for use in the premises used for substrate filling.

In case of unplanned or emergency disinfection, you can apply Biokontakt preparation in these premises.

You canbuy all these agents in our stores.

Also for extra protection against mold fungicides are used in mushroom growing.