How to deal with molds

How to deal with molds

The very important factor in mushroom growing, especially when growing portobello mushrooms, is the protection of growth chambers and other mushroom complex facilities from molds

.Our company offers following agents:

Kinto Duo (Mirage, Sporogon) effective against Mycogone and Verticillium species. It is introduced on the last day of watering of the cover layer in a concentration of 2-3 g/l/m2 .

It must be remembered that it this agent can cause tolerance in target organisms!

Shirlan Active against cobweb mold. It is used for both prevention and treatment.

Introduced in the period between flushes with the last watering.

Derosal Euro ( Topsin ) It is used as a means of combating competitive molds, including fungi of the Trichoderma genus. This agent is used for both prevention and in case of mold formation.

You can read detailed information about the agents on the pages of our online shops. Our experts will recommend an algorithm for preventive treatments in your company to prevent the occurrence of dangerous diseases caused by molds.

You can not add fungicides into the oyster mushroom substrate! Mycelium of oyster mushrooms, as well as mold mycelium, is susceptible to the effects of antifungal agents (fungicides). When growing oyster mushrooms the mold in the production facilities is eliminated using disinfectants.

Trichoderma, mucor and other types of mold can be eliminated only by using the correct substrate heat treatment and creating a proper substrate pH of 7.8-8.2.