Chemical agents for mushroom growing

Chemical agents for mushroom production

Timely application of effective and safe chemical agents allow to avoid problems with both productivity and product quality. 

In this collection of articles, you can recive answers to the following questions:

What are preventive treatments. Which agents should be used and how often premises disinfection should be performed for growing oyster mushrooms.

How to deal with a midges in the rooms and in on substrate. Insect parasites, which harm mushroom cultivation: mushroom flies, gnats, midges, ticks and the ways to to deal with them.

How to deal with mold  

How to apply smoke treatment.What agents can be used for the smoke treatment.

“Futar” Company offers chemical agents for the treatment of incubators, growing chambers for oyster mushroom cultivation and other production areas of the mushroom business.

Chemicals for mushroom are designed to work indoors and selected on the basis of safety for both mushroom growers and consumers.

Our experts will offer you a range of products, based on your goals and objectives.