Bizonal cultivation system

Bizonal cultivation system

In bizonal cultivation system substrate block colonization occurs in the individual incubator rooms, and then blocks are transferred to the fruiting room.

Incubator area (at least 40 square meters and more) depends on the amount of blocks produced per month. The fruiting room area is calculated based on the load – 160-200 kg per 1m2 (depending on the ceiling height, substrate blocks arrangement method, climate unit capacity). To create a proper airflow capable of supplying growing fungi with oxygen and removing excess CO2 , ventilation equipment calculations are carried out.

– calculation of pressure fan and exhaust fan power, heat exchanger and the humidity unit capacity,

– calculation of air ducts and nozzle diameters through which the air flows.

Many rookie mushroom cultivators are interested in the norms of air exchange (or ventilation ratios) for mushroom cultivation chambers. However, efficient mushroom growing (both oyster and portobello mushrooms) does not depend on the principles of ventilation ratio, but rather on the number of mushroom substrate disposed in the growing chamber. If you have a bizonal system and there are mixed-age substrate blocks in the chamber, the calculation can be carried out based on 200-220 cubic meters of air per hour per ton of substrate.

Climate units for incubators and fruiting rooms are calculated and designed by our qualified technologists. Depending on the musroom tonnage produced at the enterprise, the cost of each unit may start from 100,000 RUB (around 1700 USD) (about 1 ton of mushrooms per month) up to 600,000 (7-8 tons of mushrooms per month).