About us

Futar Company is a synonym for excellence and high product quality.

We have two specialized production laboratories that produce a mycelium (spawn) of edible mushrooms, using the state-of-the-art sterile technology we have perfected.

We have created a unique quality control program for all our products.

Each mycelium package has its own quality certificate in our database. It contains complete data from the use of collection culture for inoculation to the sale of commercial mycelium to our customers.


Our advantages:

The Futar® TM – is an officially registered trademark;

– Branded cardboard boxes guarantee convenient and reliable transportation of grain mycelium (grain spawn) of oyster, portobello and exotic mushrooms;

– The quality of our products is our highest priority;

– We grow a mycelium of wood-decay fungi, which are beneficial to health and environmentally safe;

– Our production capacity is over 80 tons of grain spawn per month, allowing to provide professionals and mushroom amateurs with highest grade mycelium for growing of a big variety of edible mushrooms.